Quarterly Water-Wise Program

$199.00 every 3 months

The Quarterly Water-Wise Program will ensure that your sprinklers and irrigation system are working effectively and efficiently to keep your lawn and plants healthy and save you money on water bills.

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  • Inspection of sprinkler heads and drip systems
  • Clean dirt and debris from nozzles and soaker hoses
  • Make adjustments in the spray direction of nozzles to ensure no water is being wasted
  • Replacement of up to 5 broken or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Inspection of Control Box/Reset Timer
  • Adjust timer for best watering per season/time of year
  • Inspection of Valves
  • Inspect for wiring issues and rewire if needed
  • Inspect for leaky valves
  • Repairing of valves is included but does not include replacement if a new valve is necessary

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Quarterly, One Year