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We want to help you have a healthy lawn, gorgeous garden, and lush landscape — that’s why we’ve compiled a simple list of top tips for maximizing your water irrigation efforts and to minimize water waste for your home, or business.


Early bird special

Watering your lawn and/or landscape in the morning, or in the evening, are the best times to do so! It mitigates water loss due to evaporation from the sun and heat. You’ll also be more effective at using the appropriate amount of water and it will soak into the ground to nourish the roots. Be wary that watering at night can promote fungus growth since it is cool, dark, and damp — perfect for cultivating fungi.

Manual override

If you have an automatic sprinkler system and rain is in the forecast, don’t forget to turn it off! No need to senselessly waste water on your lawn when the weather has you covered.

Recycle rain: If there’s rain in the forecast, leave your watering cans, or a vessel to collect rain, out. You can then use this rainwater on your flowers when things dry up and the sun is shining.

Avoid overwatering

Don’t splash in puddles! Making pools on your lawn and landscape won’t water it any better, in fact, it will do exactly the opposite. It will wash away the topsoil and the nutrients your plants need to grow.

Not too much mulch

Use mulch to protect the root system of your trees, plants, and shrubs from the heat of the sun and keep them from drying out.

Contact professionals

If your sprinkler system is a few years old, or older than that, you likely are wasting water by the gallons daily. Many advancements have been made to improve the California Irrigation system’s efficiency. We can help point out leaks, weak areas, and points of failure to help bring your system into the modern era.

Contact us today to discuss your California Water-Wise options and how we can increase your efficiency while reducing your water bill!

Save Water.  Save Money.