Efficient Irrigation

California water and irrigation isn’t as tricky a concept as people seem to think; it’s actually very easy to reduce your consumption, lower your bill, and help the environment — all while making you lawn, garden, and/or landscape full, green, and healthy. We’re here to help make sure that goal is achieved and to ensure efficiency in your home or business.

Irrigation Systems

There are several options for watering your California lawn and/or landscape, but most people aren’t sure which one is the best for them. Should you continue to water it by hand with a hose, or should you get a sprinkler system? Is a drip irrigation system a good investment? We know which systems are best for your time and budget to get a gorgeous green lawn.

Watering Your Lawn

Are you drowning your lawn thinking that the water will soak into the earth? Have you tried, but you still look out at dead brown and yellow patches of grass, or dirt, despite all your efforts? Unless you’re watering at the right times and making sure you’re proving the proper amount of water when you do it, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Watering Your Landscape

Watering trees and shrubs isn’t quite like watering your lawn or garden. You need to provide the correct gallons of water based on the the diameter of the canopy and pour water to the correct spot to ensure that your trees and shrubs drink deeply, otherwise, you’re just wasting water and skyrocketing your bill.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are the most efficient option available and minimize water waste as the water slowly drips and seeps into the ground. They are also easy to add, move, or remove depending on your lawn’s irrigation needs, making them perfect for Southern California. 

Water by the Numbers

There is a fairly simple science behind how much water your grass, plants, and trees need to thrive. It can all be calculated with a bit of time, a ruler, a tuna can, and your eyes. From there, it’s all easy – your neighbors will be as green as your grass when they look at your lawn.

Tips & Tricks

There have been many advances in California water irrigation systems in the last few years, making some not-so-old sprinkler and drip systems a bit outdated. We also know how to spot weak points in your irrigation systems to reduce waste.
We want to help you use your water more effectively so that you can save money over the years and help make a positive impact on our environment. Call or contact us today to go over the details of your California irrigation system and how we can help you water wisely to eliminate any wasteful tools or procedures.

Save Water.  Save Money.