Be Water Wise

Water-Wise LA provides quarterly inspections of your irrigation system to ensure there are no issues that may be leading to water being wasted. You’ll save water and save money.


Water bills can quickly cause stress for home and business owners when they don’t have the proper systems in place to ensure efficiency and minimize use. Homes and businesses unknowingly use too much water daily and drive their bills and costs up while not seeing the lush green in their lawns and landscapes that they expect to. It is our goal to increase California water irrigation system efficiency for home and business owners to reduce overall costs, minimize water consumption, enable our plants and lawns to thrive, and assist in environmental resource conservation.

Conserve Water Save money on water bills Worry-free service
Many strides have been made in California irrigation systems in the last few years and we have seen amazing advances in hose, sprinkler, and drip irrigation systems. We understand that each property, lawn, landscape, and owner is different and has different requirements to facilitate a flush green grass — that’s why we work with home and business owners to determine the proper irrigation system and what updates and upgrades need to be made to lower your water use and bill. For more information, send us an email or call us and we can begin discussing your California lawn irrigation plan.

Don’t let lawn irrigation drain your money. The experts at Water-Wise LA will ensure that your lawn gets the water it needs to thrive while saving you green.

Quarterly Water-Wise Program

  • Inspection of sprinkler heads and drip systems
  • Clean dirt and debris from nozzles and soaker hoses
  • Make adjustments in the spray direction of nozzles to ensure no water is being wasted
  • Replacement of up to 3 broken or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Inspection of Control Box/Reset Timer
  • Adjust timer for best watering per season/time of year
  • Inspection of Valves
  • Inspect for wiring issues and rewire if needed



Quarterly Lawn Care Package

  • Lawn Aeration
    • Reduces soil compaction
    • Promotes healthier root system
    • Better water retention
    • Helps prevent weeds
  • Soil Amendments (Gypsum & Lime)
    • Gypsum loosens soil
    • Raises pH levels
  • Fertilizer
    • Switched for different seasons of the year
  • Package includes up to 2000 sq ft of lawn area



Save Water.  Save Money.

Los Angeles Drip Irrigation

Water-Wise LA is Los Angeles’ leader in drip irrigation systems. We can install efficient sprinkler systems, including drip irrigation, and save you money.